Foot & Mouth Disease Updates November 2022

“Chesterfield Farm ask that any visitors who have recently been to Indonesia, Bali or any other FMD countries, please wait at least 48 hours since they returned to Australia before visiting the farm. As we are aware, diseases can spread very quickly and we do not want to put any of our animals at potential risk” Thankyou

Have you recently been to a livestock farm or come from a farm with any animals other than horses? If so please refrain from visiting Chesterfield Farm. Or please wear different shoes and clothes from those that you visited the previous farm with.

Please do not bring any meat or dairy products into Chesterfield Farm. This includes raw products, freeze dried products or home made products. You will be required to show all incoming food related items upon check in to our farm. If you are booking a birthday party at our venue, please make contact with our office staff to confirm what food you are allowed to bring onto the premises.